the best of 2010 weddings contest

2010 has been a fantastic year. After shooting for two years while working another job, I made the move to full time photography at the start of this wedding season and have enjoyed every minute of it. I've had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful clients this year! 2011is already filling up with some very exciting new clients. The people I work with really is one of the reasons my job is so fun!

As a thank you for the the brides and grooms of 2010 I've put together a little contest. Below you'll find one of my favorite shots from each wedding this year. The contest is simple: vote for your favorite in the Facebook comments below and the couple with the most votes will a 24×16 canvas! (They can choose any image from their wedding for the canvas if they have a different favorite.)

The details: below you'll find a Facebook commenting box just above the area that says “comments are closed.” It sometimes takes a while to load and doesn't seem to work in Opera (sorry Opera fans). I'm using this form so we get one vote per user or email (you don't have to be a member of Facebook for it to work – just use your email and name). Just leave a note saying something like: “I love #4” or “How can two people like #5 be so darn cute!” – extra points may be awarded for creative entries ;-)

The contest runs until NOON (CST) on Friday the 24th. The voting is now closed. I'll try to have votes tallied in time to give the winner the news as a Christmas gift!

The update: Congrats to #1 – Alicia+Ben for gathering the most votes and taking home the 24×16 canvas! Thanks for all the votes!

Number 1: Alicia+Ben

Number 2: Lauren+Peter

Number 3: Millie+Steve

Number 4: Angela+Dave

Number 5: Molly+Steve

Number 6: Rebecca+Kris

Number 7: Jenell+Sidney

Number 8: Andrea+Aaron

Number 9: Liz+Tom

Number 10: Sima+Ivan

Number 11: Margaret+Steve

Number 12: Bethany+Daniel

Number 13: Christy+Jason

Number 14: Amanda+Tom

The voting is now closed. – Congrats to #1 – Alicia+Ben for winning!

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