nicole+brian's ozaukee country club mequon wedding

I had an absolute blast shooting this wedding. There is so much love shared in these families, and between Nicole+Brian – it was palpable. I was brought to tears a few times (two specific moments: when Brian was tearing up as Nicole came down the aisle and during the two parent dances – just some really touching and beautiful moments).

If you know me at all, you know that I'm about capturing the connection between two people. Well, in order to have a real connection there needs to be time, space and an invitation to connect. Well, I wasn't the only one trying to find that connection. The priest was one of the most amazing facilitators of that I've ever seen at a wedding. Not only offering Nicole+Brian times of connection but also inviting the congregation in too.

He told the story of a married couple he knows; 65 years married and their existence is now made up of him caring for her as she suffers from Alzheimer's. The husband's quote: “Every day I get to see my wife smile makes me happy.” Powerful. Love. Connection. That is the love that couple has come to know. The priest invited couples in the congregation to come up to Nicole+Brian throughout the rest of the day and share the love they have come to know in their marriage. I didn't yet share with them, I wanted to share here.

The love I have come to know with Jessica is one full of joy. It's one of patience, understand and forgiveness as we learn more about who the other is. It's about acceptance of the other's beauty and faults. It's conversions on the couch and in the car. It's laughing and crying together. It needs times of connection and hurts when it's missing. It supports and encourages through the good and the bad. And it is worth the work.

So to you both, I wish you a love that is deep and unending. One full of adventure and folly. And one packed with lots of connection points – every day for every year of the rest of your lives.


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  1. Oh my love these pictures!
    Love Andy,s comment also!
    Love the colors and what a great backdrop at the lake! Love Nicole twirling at the park in her beautiful wedding dress!
    Cannot wait for the rest of the pictures!!
    Mama Jo

  2. What a cute church! You did a great job photographing all aspects of the day. I love the second portrait with the bride and groom: the lighting is amazing.

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