millie+steve's shorewood wedding

I've been looking forward to this wedding for so long now. Millie + Steve have so much style and spunk (as seen in their engagement session) that I knew it was going to be a great day… and it was! I'm a guy so I don't normally gush about dresses but I have to say that Millie's dress was amazing! The day was beautiful and, for the most part, the clouds were helpful (although they didn't block the sun the 5 minutes I needed for a specific group shot – oh well, we made it work!) Their wedding and reception were held at the Hubbard Park Lodge – it was a wonderful and intimate setting (and perfect for their green theme!)

I'm going to try something new with this blog post. If we can get 75 combined comments below I'll give Millie + Steve a free 16×20 print (so basically that's earning them $1 for every comment!).

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  1. Again, more wonderful wedding photos! Congrats to the lucky couple! (on the marriage and great photos!!!)

  2. Yet again, managed to capture the essence of their day. Loved the style of their wedding. Awesome Andy!

  3. These pictures are absolutely perfect. It was such a beautiful wedding and you captured everything amazingly. A beautiful wedding with beautiful people makes beautiful pictures! Awesome job!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Love the bouquet & boutonnieres. Looks like a fun & happy couple! Congratulations!

  5. Andy these are amazing! If my wedding photos are anything like Millie & Steve’s I’ll be ecstatic! Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

  6. Currently they still need about 65 comment.
    I can add one, and try to write some kind of script to automate the comments, but I’m not sure you’d like that :)

    Awesome set, man… I really missed your works, long time no see :)

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