mary+nick's sussex wedding

Mary+Nick are a riot. And extremely kind. Not only was this day full of laughs and surprises for guests (the Brewers' Chorizo!) it also came with an amazing gift in the evening for me. Mary+Nick did held the Dollar Dance and, instead of asking for the money for themselves, they told everyone the money would go my Walk for Clean Water (which starts Monday!)

Thank you Mary+Nick for all of the laughs and all of your support. Blessings to you both in the years ahead!


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  1. These pictures are amazing! They made me all teary-eyed. Beautiful couple, and wonderful photography. Love you guys!!! :)

  2. The pictures are just beautiful and heart warming. Mary & Nick…u guys look great ! Wonderful photography…Love it !

  3. Nick is so cute and Mary is so beautiful and the wedding was so much fun. Nice photos!

  4. wait, what! they gave you their dollar dance money? that’s the nicest thing i’ve ever heard. love the reception/chorizo photos the most :)

  5. You two look absolutely in love and amazing! The pictures are wonderful and really captured your day well. We are so happy for you guys! Congrats again!!

  6. What beautiful pictures! Congrats Mary and Nick! Mary you were a stunning bride!

  7. Great photos! They really do a great job of capturing your personality and the amazing-ness of the day – thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome! Now, the most difficult decision is which pictures to go with because they’re all superb!

  9. Beautiful photos that capture everlasting memories of your special day! Thanks fir sharing.

  10. Lovely job! Your a very talented photographer! Mary you look so amazing in the pictures, not that you don’t always look amazing :)

  11. Andy…you did great capturing my two favorite things of the day…the church kiss (classy yet a tad of sexiness) and Mary’s makeup (frickin gorgeous)!!!!

  12. Great job on the pictures! They captured the special moments of the day. And kudos to both Andy and Mary & Nick for the dollar dance donation. What a great idea!

  13. Thanks for sharing your special day with my family! Char Baby loved being the dancing queen and partying! Beautiful photos capturing such a glorious day!

  14. Really nice pictures. I would recommend this photographer. But I will be giving Maria a dollar. Come on people! Can we get a little help!

  15. I love how natural the poses are. The wedding couples joy was captured on all the photographs!

  16. Wonderful job capturing the event. Very good balance in the composition of your photos. You caught the natural spontaneity, I like the shot of Mary’s dad taking a picture of the two of them as he walked her down the isle.

  17. Mary and Nick’s love as captioned so beautifully. They are such a perfect example of a couples perfection. Great work, and these memories will last forever. So honored we were a part of such a wonderful commitment!!!!! xooxxo

  18. Looks like a very well planned wedding and it was captured with such class. I hope these pictures help you relive your wedding and how great a job you did planning it and exeriencing it.

  19. The pictures of Mary and Nick captured their love and special day perfectly. Beautiful pictures to start off the next chapter of this couples journey. Best of luck to the kindest, coolest and happiest couple I know!!! XO

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