heidi+mark's quilted bear wedding

Heidi+Mark share a real connection. You're probably thinking “that's good if they're getting married!” I agree. But sometimes that connection isn't always as palpable as it is with these two. They wed at the Quilted Bear in Germantown surrounded by family and friends. It was hot, and yet still a lovely day.

Blessings you two on years of marriage (and many Brewer games together!)


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  1. Andy, the photos are AMAZING! Mark and I are so lucky we found you! Thank you for everything.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!! What a happy, wonderful time…Andy you did such an amazing job capturing all the joy of the day!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! How wonderful of you both to share your day in so many ways with all that attended and those that could not attend as well. Blessings and happiness always Mark and Heidi. ~ Renee

  4. I love reliving this day through the Andy’s images! Heidi and Mark are destined for happiness!

  5. Heidi, at least you didn’t have to kiss the frog to find your prince! Andy, you and Matt were fun to be around and your photos show that.

  6. We wish we could of been there.All the family said it was beautiful.Thank You for including MOM.The pictures are georgous.Love You.

  7. AMAZING pictures. Your wedding day looked so special. Congrats to you both and to many years ahead!

  8. So happy to have been there for your special day…congrats!!! Andy did an amazing job capturing the day!!!

  9. These are such pretty pictures. I am so glad that we made the trip to share in your special day. Love you

  10. I really can’t imagine these pictures turning out any better than they are. You did a phenomenal job and I’ll be sure to recommend you too anyone I know of looking for a photographer.

  11. Great pictures, it was a beautiful wedding. Glad we were
    blessed to be able to share it with you both.

  12. A beautiful bride, a handsome groom and so much spectacle scenery are captured in each lovely photograph. Be sure to cherish these memories and look forward to making new ones! xoxoxo Mark & Heidi

  13. It looks like you guys had a beautiful day to share your love with everyone!!!! So happy for you both, hope you have a wonderful life together!!!!

  14. Heidi these pictures are amazing! They will serve as a great reminder of a wonderful day :) I wish you many years filled with happy memories.

  15. Beautiful wedding & beautiful photos! congrats again & good luck picking which ones to hang on the wall…so many great choices.

  16. Pix look great Heidi! Wish my dog didn’t f up life! That bridesmaid looks like someone I knew, she had curly hair though. Can’t be. Maybe we can use the same guy when I kidnap her n we get married?! After the brainwash of course!

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