bethany+daniel's madison wedding

Bethany+Daniel were the winners of the 2010 Wedding Photography Giveaway that the amazing Jamie Swanson and I ran. You can check out Jamie's photos over on her blog.

Because there were two of us, we split up at the start of the day; Jamie spending the morning with the girls and I with the guys. Their ceremony was at St. Patrick's Catholic Church and their reception was at Restaurant Magnus, both right in downtown Madison. (The food at Restaurant Magnus was so delicious I took my wife there this past weekend on a date!) And as they are both grad students at Madison, we of course had to spend some time at Union Terrace for some photos too!

Bethany+Daniel are two of the most sincere and loving people I've meet. They are giving of themselves (they meet both doing service work overseas) and they have a love for one another that will last a lifetime. Many blessings to you both for many years to come!

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