angela+dave's milwaukee wedding

Angela+Dave's wedding was a blast. These two are extremely laid back and fun loving. They have so much love for each other, but it's not overly sweet and obnoxious, it's just real. They surrounded themselves with a laid back bridal party for their wedding day and everyone just had a great time.

We did a early morning reveal with just the two of them and then hit the Third Ward for photos (and a pint at the Milwaukee Ale House) before heading to Trinity Lutheran for the wedding. The church is beautiful and so was the ceremony. Then we headed around the corner to the Milwaukee Public Museum for the reception. I'm so glad that they were willing to humor me for some fun shots around the exhibits (including the T-Rex one – I mean, what's more romantic than that, right?)

Thanks Angela+Dave for letting me capture these moments!

And remember, a total of 75 comments below earns Angela+Dave $75 worth of print credit – so feel free to share some kinds words for them!

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  1. Love the pictures! I wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony, but I feel like I was there! Ange – love the shoes…they’re so you :)

  2. What a fun day! The pictures are wonderful! They really capture the feeling of the entire day. I love the T-rex and the one in the glacier!
    Great fun!
    Great day!
    Great couple!

  3. The black and white pictures are awesome. The casual shot of the wedding party is very unique. Thank you for including us in your special day.

  4. I really like the black and white photos, but they are all a wonderful remembrance of a lovely day. I’m so glad I came up for the big event!

  5. WOW!!! What beautiful photographs! It looks like you guys had an incredible day and will have wonderful photographs to remember it by for the rest of your lives! Congratulations!

  6. I’ve known many grooms who found a way to sneak in for a pint before the wedding, but very few brides and grooms who did it together–so you guys! LOL Nice pics and as has been said, love the shoes! :-)

  7. Angie and David you guys look wonderful. Love Love Love the black and White and photos at different locals. Congrats to you both!!!!!!

  8. The attacking dinosaur impersonation picture (3rd from last) needs serious consideration for album cover. I hope for Angela’s sake that she does not have to see that look on Dave’s face very often.

  9. Great pictures! It was such a super fun day! Talented photographer, many look like they can be blown up to poster size and mounted as art!!

  10. Nice to see the photos of the bag piper included, that was a first at a wedding I’ve attended. Photos serve as a wonderful reminder to what was a great evening with a terrific friend.

  11. Great pictures, the wedding was beautiful, and the reception great. Good luck as you continue your life journey together.

  12. Love the pictures! The black and white church photos are breath taking! We had such a lovely time – very memorable :)

  13. Dave & Angela — what a great day! Wish we could have been there. Congrats and here’s to y’all looking back on these fantastic photos for years to come!

  14. Gorgeous pictures! So different from the usual wedding album you always see … just fantastic. The picture of your feet, standing together on the sidewalk, is priceless. Which one will hang on your living room wall?

  15. Very cool pictures– certainly captured the mood of the day!! I love the black and white pictures and all the candid shots as well!!

  16. Angela and Dave – These photos are awesome. They truly capture the fantastic memories that we all shared with you that day!!!!!!!

  17. Absolutely beautiful and so very unique. It was a wonderful ceremony – so glad we could be part of it!!

  18. Congratulations, Angie and Dave! You guys look so happy.
    Ange, You look beautiful and I love the shoes!

  19. These pictures turned out fantastic! Ange you look beautiful! Thanks for sharing. We enjoyed seeing you and celebrating your special day! Cheers!

  20. Wow! Those pictures are spectacular. They really capture all the happiness of the day and the love you two have for each other beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing! …and those shoes are TOO CUTE!!

  21. Great photos of you both! I am glad to have helped you with part of your planning. Enjoy the rest together.

  22. Angelina, great pics and finally got a chance to see them.

    wish I was there but best of luck to you and Dave.

    All our love,
    Ed and Deborah Puskarich

  23. Angie…(Angela) haha…this is Deborah – the better half of Ed – you both look remarkable and your pictures are outstanding! Wish we could have been there.

  24. Beautiful pictures! The images really seem to capture the day. CONGRATULATIONS and a wishing you a lifetime of great times together!

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