and the winners are…

Sarah + Heath!

Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Congratulations! This year brought us more entries than ever before, and we want to thank everyone who entered and helped to get the word out!

Here's a little from the email Sarah sent us:

After seeing each other only a handful of times from October until April, I developed a crush on the guy who’s name is a candy bar. I was expecting a summer fling, and Heath was ready to meet someone special. To celebrate the end of the semester, I decided to let him know that I was drawn to his funny stories and had a crush. He was taken by surprise, because he had been waiting for the right time to mention the same to me. That night we stayed up and talked about growing up, family, hobbies, our passions, and everything else until 5:00 a.m. There was a spark that grew throughout the summer.

In the fall, his parents told me that if it didn’t work out with this son, they had another one available. I spent Thanksgiving with his family since mine now lives far away in Florida. Heath told me later on that his dad offered him a loan for a ring, saying, “When you know, you know.” He knew, but wanted to make sure I felt ready and couldn’t live without him. (Secretly, I knew too.)

Heath's a pilot, so they'll be having the reception at the EAA AirVenture Museum where his grandpa is in the Hall of Fame. They're also planning on creating lots of meaningful details, put together by Sarah and her family.

We'd also like to announce that Jami Jenkins, an amazing wedding coordinator from Details, a professional planning company has offered the winning couple a special gift as well. She's given them their choice of either half off her planning services OR 100 custom made invitations or thank you notes. Thank you, Jami! We highly suggest checking out her services to help make your day run more smoothly.

Jamie Swanson and I want to thank everyone who took the time to enter this year. We have really enjoyed reading your stories and wish we could shoot all of your weddings! And again, congrats to Sarah+Heath!

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