amanda+tom's milwaukee wedding photography

I'm going to go a little overboard for a second here… Amanda+Tom are wonderful people. They have wonderful friends. They picked a wonderful day for a wedding. Everything was, you guessed it, wonderful. Really though. I might not be the best at using words poetically (visual poetry I get) but that really sums up this wedding.

The fall day we had was amazing; not too hot (for the guys in suits) and not to cold (for the girls in dresses) – just right. The leaves at Brown Deer Park where we stopped for some portraits were at peak color and really made for a great background. And Amanda+Tom are just genuinely lovely people; which makes shooting all that more fun. They were willing to be subjected to a little leaf throwing (see the animated image half way through the post) and really didn't let anything phase them the whole day.

You'll find a slideshow at the end of the post for your enjoyment too! And if you're interested, you can see their engagement photos from last year here.

A little plug as well: Tom's a writer and you can see his (ever expanding) blog here:

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