the ashland ore dock

It has been a very fun August! Besides the weddings I shot this month (loved 'em!), Jess and I actually had a week of vacation (and celebrated my birthday on that trip)! We spent our week in the Ashland/Bayfield area and it was great. I've got a lot of photos to process and get up yet I didn't want to wait until they were all completed. I wanted to get something up sooner, so here's the first set.

These photos are from the Soo Line ore dock in Ashland. Built in 1915, it became the largest ore dock in the country, at one point having a capacity 110,000 TONS of ore – that's a heavy load (insert groan here…). Anyway – the rail cars would bring the iron ore out to the dock where it would be shoveled onto huge boats to be shipped off to Chicago and the like. It's falling down now and they've decided to take it down. Luckily for us, some endangered birds nested there and kept it around long enough for us to see it before they start dismantling it. They fenced off more sections while were there, in prep for demolition, which they estimate will take about 1.5 years.

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  1. I like the photos you have posted – I think Uncle Bob worked for the Soo Line at one point. Or, the rail company he worked for eventually got bought out by the Soo Line. I’m glad you and Jessica had a week long vacation (finally!).

  2. Very nice photos of the Oredock! Andy…I wish Rick and I could have met you while you were vacationing. Next time! Photography is something that I toy with, but of course, I just bought this complicated camera, that is going to take me to school one day…however, if I can get to be half as great as your photos…I will be impressed.

    Thank you for sending the pictures of the Ashland vacation condo. Your feedback and comments were perfect…and thank you so much for the “xtra’s”. Very thoughtful of you.
    Please come visit us again sometime!

    Kerrie and Rick Erickson

  3. @Erika – that’s crazy, I didn’t know that!

    @Kerrie – thanks! I look forward to meeting you next time as well! Oh, and don’t feel like you have to use my photos, yours work great as well. I just was trigger happy and thought I’d share ;-)

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