new glarus and paoli

Jess and I took a road trip Saturday to New Glarus, which is southwest of Madison. We wanted to have a beer at the New Glarus Brewery and get out and about on a beautiful spring day.

On the way out to New Glarus, there is a small town called Paoli (Pay-ol-e). It's a one street downtown from the turn of the 20th century that houses a lot of art galleries, antique shops, and the famous Paoli Cheese house.

Here are some shots from the antique shop that is house in the old mill on the Sugar River:

A whole stack of Brownie cameras sitting on one of the cabinets. I love cameras!

Inside the world famous Paoli Cheese. The sample of the day was the Morel Leek Jack… wasn't for me…

We made it over to the brewery for a tour and a tasting and ran into some friends from college there for a tour also.

These copper kettles were bought from a German brewery that was set to be demolished. They extend under the floor another 10 feet!

Lastly, we stopped at one of the parks to do a quick photo shoot with the mossy rocks.

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