molly+steve's waukesha wedding

Molly + Steve both serve their country and I'm honored to have been part of their wedding day. This fun loving couple basically had a destination wedding in Waukesha (for them at least, some family and friends where here already). They did a great job planning from out of town and everything came together perfectly. The weather was great but the mosquitoes were horrible (sorry guys!) The secluded park I choose for photos was fine the week before but then some rain in the days between brought more mosquitoes than you could count. We abandoned that plan shortly after and headed into downtown Waukesha for more photos.

Some of my favorite shots happened after the evening was over and I was leaving. I noticed that the sun was low in the sky and saw a beautiful location close by. I turned around and came back to get them for some shots. I couldn't pass up that perfect setup. A great way to end a wonderful day.

Thanks to you both for letting me hang out with you guys all day. It was a great time!

So again, we'll run a little giveaway contest. If we can get a total of 75 people commenting below, I'll give Molly + Steve $75 in print credit! Spread the word (after you share a few below!)

After this next shot, her veil blew off and the Best Man and Maid of Honor ran it down for us…

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Mother of the groom here …. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for a wonderful job on the wedding pictures! You’re right, it truly was a perfect day and your pictures allow me to relive it all over again. I remember you telling the story of the veil flying away and I couldn’t wait to see the pictures from it. Hilarious stuff!!

    It was a pleasure meeting you and when we’re in need of a photographer again, you’ll be the one.


    Penny Hoffman

  2. The pictures are wonderful. It captures the love they both have for each other. The pictures outside are my favorite.

    Rose Rishell
    Friend of the bride

  3. Love the pictures. You did a great job capturing moments throughout the day so they will have pictures to go along with their memories for the rest of their life.

    Great job,

    Heather Dees


  5. Andy I can’t thank you enough! The photos are all amazing I can’t wait to get time to look through them all this weekend! I will always remember the moments I shared with my friends and family through these photos!

  6. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for capturing memories that Molly and Steven will have for the rest of there lives.

  7. Wow, Looked like a beautiful day and a great wedding!! I like the pics outside, and the reception!! Congrats to the both of you again!!

  8. Wow, you did a wonderful job capturing their special day and the detail on everything is truly amazing! You have shown the love between them very well too :)

  9. I love the pictures and the details of your dress simply beautiful and Steve in his suit “very handsome.” I have never seen a couple that really look like they’re made for each other such as you two!

  10. I don’t know how you did it, but you made my beautiful and amazing sister even more so, and her new husband looks pretty good too!! Thank you so much! April

  11. (from a friend of April’s)
    These are great! So touching to see Steve in his Military uniform. The ring shot is great! My fave is the runaway veil!!!

  12. Beautiful pictures. Yes, they are all very nice. You did a great job. These pictures brought a tear to my eye, remembering that happy day.

  13. molly and steven…u look so happy. what an awesome group of pictures to show ur kids someday! i love em!

  14. Andy, you did a wonderful job of capturing their wedding day. They will be able to look back, with fond memories 50 years from now, at your beautiful photos. I guess the photo of Molly’s hands wrapped around Steve, and the Wedding Party photo, under the tree, would be my favorites.

  15. Love the pictures! =) Sorry I couldn’t make it, but at least I can get a glimpse from these photos! Wish you two the best! Love always.

  16. The pictures look wonderful, you both look like you had a great time and my fiance says you both look nice together.

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