brewers and the cubs

It's been a busy few weeks and I've got a bunch of posts to come, including an engagement session, a family photo session and a national morning show visiting our city – oh so much! But I'll start with this past weekend's Brewer game against the Cubs. We were there on Friday, when Braun hit a two-run homer to win the game.

We spent our time in the AirTran “Landing Zone” in right field. Baseball with a bar and buffet – a nice way to spend the evening.

And to top it off, Danny Gokey was in town and sang the national anthem. The press surrounded him and you couldn't really see him. If you look between the photographer in the black shirt and the one in the navy shirt, you can see Danny in his light blue shirt wearing headphones. I couldn't tell if there were more Brewer, Cubs, or Gokey fans there that night!

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  1. I was at that game too! Got to walk past Danny Gokey. He’s dreamy. It was a great game wasn’t it?

  2. Great shots! Did you get a fisheye lens? I am SO jealous! It’s great to see another post, I’ve been waiting for one… :-) Can’t wait for the others to show up too.

  3. @Brian – it was a good game!

    @Jamie – yes, the first two are with the 10.5mm fisheye. On the D700 it gets cropped down to a 6MP file, so I use it on my D300. I bought the lens sometime at the end of last year and really enjoy it!

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