wide angle trees

Jess and I are heading to Arizona this week. I purchased a wide angle lens (Sigma 10-20) so that I can get some fun desert landscapes. Here's a quick photo of our backyard trees testing out the wide angle. I just love the perspective these lenses can give.

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  1. This is my next purchase. Love the effects of these lens.
    So you are happy with yours? It take time to get use to, by the sounds of it.
    Nice picture by the way.


  2. This is my next purchase too. That’s what I’m looking in Photografy… pics that makes you feel there.. beside the photografer.

    amazing pic.

  3. Lately I photographed some weeping Japanese maples of a group, in Portland.

    Using 12mm, it seemed more or less maxed-out for landscaping. But for nature landscapes, 10mm seems fine.


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