wuwm headshots

I had the privilege of shooting a series of headshots for 89.7 WUWM the other week. Since I basically only listen to WUWM, I was excited to meet all of the on-air personalities.

We did one high key B&W and one color setup for each of the talent, and then a few group shots. The B&W's are going to be used in the reception area and the color and group shots may be used in a variety of places.

At one point with the large group shot, my ears were on overload. Because I listen to WUWM all the time and know their voices, when we were getting organized and everyone was talking it sounded like there were 10 different radios on at once!

Here's a composite of my favorites of the B&W headshots:

From L to R, top to bottom:
Bob Bach, Bob Reitman
Bonnie North, Susan Bence
Mitch Teich, Amanda Shalhoub
Stephanie Lecci, Tom Luljack
Marti Mikkelson, Marge Pitrof
Erin Toner, Dan Harmon
Ann-Elise Henzl, LaToya Dennis

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