jessica’s 30th

We celebrated my wife's 30th birthday last weekend with a wine and cake reception. Jess wanted a fancy, black tie optional event. So I broke out my tux (as did a variety of other good looking chaps) and the ladies had an opportunity to dig into their closest for the dresses that only get worn every so often. Jess and I even had a chance to put our dance lessons to the test in front of everyone!

Happy Birthday my beautiful wife. I look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!

The cakes came from Le Cakery in Elm Grove (website). Hakan, the owner, delivered them and help set them up nicely. If you need a cake for a special occasion, I would recommend you check out Le Cakery!

Our friends here are looking at a guest book I designed, which has pictures of Jess since birth. These guest books are a wonderful idea for any party, reception, or wedding. Feel free to contact me for more details.

It was great to get family together again that haven't seen each other since our wedding (six years ago next month!).

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  1. Look at all those good looking, classy people we know! Thanks for taking pictures to record this fun event, my dear husband. Your skills continue to develop, and your pictures are terrific.

  2. I should also mention, YUM, best cake EVER from Le Cakery! Thanks, Hakan, for everything! (Go check out their tiramisu cake – also great breakfasts and coffee!)

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