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When I became a full-time wedding photographer I had the naive and romanticized idea that I might be less busy in the winter months; boy was I wrong. Between a few photo shoots, meeting with clients for 2011 and 2012 and working on some albums for 2010 still, I've stayed very busy. One of the things that's kept me the most busy the last few days has been my wife's knee surgery.

What was the surgery she had? In short, her kneecap doesn't track in the knee groove (thems thar be medical terms) and causes pain when she walks (not fun as you can imagine). So, they cut the nub on the tibia (the shin bone) where the tendon that attaches to the kneecap connects and then move that over and bolt it down again. A little snip of some muscles in the area (which will grow back in the new location) and “viola!” the kneecap now tracks in the right place.

We had the procedure done at Elmbrook Memorial the other day and I brought my camera along to document things as I could (I so wanted to be in the OR – I used to work in an ER and miss the medical stuff now and then). Here are some shots from arriving that snowy morning through getting ready to leave the hospital.

I'm trying to answer email and work as I can. It's such a blessing to work from home and be here to take care of my wife though. A HUGE thank you goes out to all of those who have prayed, called, sent food, sent well-wishes, etc. Jessica and I are overwhelmed by your love!

Oh, and Jessica's siblings loaned us some fun DVD's to pass the time:

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  1. Great shots Andy. I have the same knee issue with my knee not tracking in the groove. It’s caused a lot of scar tissue build-up that they’re going to have to go in and remove soon, as well as doing what they call a “lateral release.” Was this what Jessica had done? What has the recovery process been like? I’m obviously a bit nervous about it all.

  2. You really are such an artistic story teller. I got a feel for her entire hospital experience… which you’re such a sweetheart, I’m sure you made it 10000x better for her!

  3. As funny as it may sound, it’s really nice to see such a unique subject blogged about by a photographer. Sorry it had to be such a painful opportunity, though! give your wife our best.

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