gma at your house

A few weeks ago, Mike and Kelly Schmitt, a couple from here in Waukesha, were surprised when the crew from Good Morning America showed up to host from their house! They had been picked to help showcase what life is like on “Main Street” throughout America. I thought it a good reason to go and take some photos ;-)

The filming started at about 5:30am and it wasn't quite warm yet…

The whole morning crew was there: Chris, Diane, Robin and Sam.

The local ABC affiliate was on hand to interview the GMA anchors.

And they brought along Rodney Atkins and his band. The bassist got a kick out of the Racing Sausages which showed up to promote the Brewers.

If you are interested, you can check out for the video segments from that mornings shows.

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  1. What fun. Love the shot of the guitar at the end, and I really liked the collage of the guy holding a camera over his head taking a picture and then the blurry people next to it (almost as if that’s what his camera would get from that shot…)

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