musical mondays – the civil wars

I'm going to start a new bi-weekly series on my blog entitled “Musical Mondays” with this being the first post. Music to me, just like photography, has the ability to reach into the soul and evoke emotions of time and place – even if you've never been there.

Each week I'll highlight a band that's spent a fair amount of time on rotation in my office. When I listen to music (which is most of the day) I listen to entire albums and get a feel for the fullness of the music. I'm not a single or one-hit-wonder lover so you won't find that here. What you'll find are albums and bands whose music is able to listened to and enjoyed over and over again.

Today I'd like to introduce you to The Civil Wars (store and myspace). They are a duo out of Nashville who have just recently put out their first album, Barton Hallow (only $5 on amazon mp3 this month!). I first hear about Joy Williams and John Paul White from a tweet from another Nashville artist who I believe is a friend of theirs. That was just about a year ago. At the time they had a live recording from their second show available for free download (Live at Eddie's Attic). I downloaded it and was hooked!

The most exciting thing is that they are coming to Turner Hall Ballroom for a 10 buck show. If you're in the Milwaukee area, you don't want to miss this show.

Without further ado, here are a few songs that I think really capture their vocals styling, their range and the beauty of their music. Enjoy!

Falling: the first song they wrote together – this gives you the stripped down feel of their music.

Posion & Wine: the title track from their first EP.

Barton Hallow: the title track from their recent album and a COMPLETELY different feel.

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