musical mondays – brandi carlile

I've been listening to Brandi Carlile for a few years now. I passed up on seeing here in Milwaukee a few years ago but was able to catch here on a follow up show in Madison last year with Jess. It was a wonderful show with another artist I plan on featuring sometime soon. Anyway, Brandi falls into a fun folk/country/rock/singer songwriter category that I just dig. One of her last albums included a guest spot from Elton John – so how do you even start to classify that?

When of the most entertaining things about seeing her live is that two of her band are twins. The guitarist and bassist. So on stage you see these two guys flank her that are identical in their expressions, style, etc and it's quite the optical illusion sometimes.

If you've heard any song of hers, it's probably this first one, “The Story,” the title track from her second album. The second song is from her new album “Live at Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony.”

The Story:

Pride and Joy:

Before it Breaks:

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