musical mondays – bel canto chorus

This Musical Monday I'd like to focus on a musical group that doesn't really get a lot of radio airplay, just by the nature of popular music today – the Bel Canto Chorus. The chorus, which is celebrating it's 80th anniversary season this year, is one of Milwaukee's premier musical organizations. Not only are they an impressive group of singers, they are also amazing people. Jessica and I had the honor this past weekend to volunteer at their annual gala and always enjoy the time with have with these wonderful people. A few shots from them performing at the gala:

I know, you're thinking – this isn't he music I might normally listen to. I know! That's why it's so important to partake in art like this performed in the area; which not only supports local Milwaukee organizations it also stretches and grows our appreciation for all types of music and art (toss in some opera, maybe a ballet – you get the picture). Their next concert is “Give Us Peace” at the Oconomowoc Arts Center on Saturday, May 21st (7:30pm). The concert will feature the oratory of Frederick Douglass with Kirke Mechem’s Songs of the Slave, and the poetry of Walt Whitman through Ralph Vaughan Williams’s Dona nobis pacem, as these works invite us to reflect on the Civil War and its legacy (the Civil War has been a theme throughout this whole year's performances). More info and tickets can be found here.

For a little sample of their music, here is a slideshow of photos I took during their annual Christmas concert at the Basilica of St. Josaphat (I had posted this around Christmas too). The song is “What a Gift,” which was written by the ridiculously talented Musical Director and Conductor of Bel Canto, Richard Hynson.

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