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After shooting over 100 weddings, I've gained some insights that I hope can make your wedding day a better celebration of you. I'll share a few below and if I can be of any help to you, even if I'm not the right photographer for you, please feel free to email me any wedding related questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Making it YOUR wedding…

What's your story?

Every couple has a story. If you can incorporate parts of that story the day becomes more uniquely you.

One couple I worked with enjoyed drinks together as part of their dating story. So they created their own drink and had a unity cocktail during the service. Family & friends poured the elements. They drank it together then and had it available the rest of the night for guests. (see their wedding here)

The internet is friend and foe

You could fill ten wedding days with neat ideas you find online. They can be cute and fun but don't just add them because you saw them online. Add them only when they help to showcase your story. Know that sometimes things happen spontaneously at other weddings and recreating them doesn't bring the same magic.

Everyone has a point of view:

I'm married. I know what it's like to bring up an idea which is “so you” and have it shot down by friends & family. The first step is knowing what battles you want to fight, how you're going to involve others in planning, and what's most important to you.

Tips for a stress-free wedding:

Have a wedding day point person:

You've spent plenty of time setting up the details. Make sure someone else can handle anything that comes up that day so you can focus on celebrating.

Have a schedule, but see it as a guideline:

Work out a detailed schedule with your planner or photographer but know that most weddings have something that changes. That's ok. Look to the professionals you've hired to help guide the day. They will keep things relaxed and moving.

Find a chance to breathe – and take it.

Wedding days are crazy and will pass by quickly. It's important to take a few breaks together as a couple throughout the day. It's just 2-3 minutes together to look into each other's eyes and remember what the day is really about: the connection you share.

More people can equal more stress

Smaller wedding parties can equal less drama, less cost, and easier planning. They also can mean more shared intimate moments. All good things.

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