and the 2012 winners are…

AJ + Chris!

2012 madison milwaukee free wedding photography giveaway by milwaukee wedding photographer andy stenz

Once again we had some amazing entries for this year's Free Wedding Photography Giveaway! And plenty of couples we'd love to choose as the winners. But as Highlander sci-fan fans know, there can be only one.

AJ (Amanda) + Chris stuck out to us in a variety of ways, the first being that they made a cool PDF about themselves (which really raised the bar for next year I think!) In the PDF they told us all about themselves and their story – and their personality really shined through the pages. They are quirky and energetic. One of the best lines was in the section about the proposal: “Chris was so nervous, he held the ring box upside down.” Love it! The proposal page ended with the families reactions and my favorite was AJ's Grandma: “Well, jeez! It’s about time!” Ha!

AJ+Chris are getting married in Milwaukee next year (on my birthday actually!). It's going to be a great time!

Thanks for everyone who entered and thanks for those who passed on the contest info to their friends!

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