melissa + doug’s waukesha engagement photography

Sometimes you get along so well with people you're just getting to know it feels as if you've known them for years. Such is the case of Melissa and Doug. They are a delightful couple that I had the pleasure to photograph for their engagement session the other week. They are fun couple and I'm looking forward to a pretty fun wedding with them. Thanks Melissa and Doug – we'll see you in a few short months!

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  1. I LOVE the umbrella shot – very fun! Did they bring those, or did you pick them up somewhere?

    (I’m a sucker for umbrella shots, though. You probably knew that.)

  2. Hi Melissa and Doug!
    We heard about your engagement…. congratulations.
    We tend to hear about everything that happens to people named Melissa and Doug, since we are also named Melissa and Doug, and so is our company (Melissa & Doug, LLC — we make educational toys for children!)
    Congratulations again, and when you have kids, we hope you will only buy them toys from Melissa & Doug !! LOL!!

  3. We love your toys! Our son is three and has several of them. When we were first dating, Jaden’s godmother gave him an “under the sea” puzzle of yours that she found because she thought it was crazy that it was by Melissa and Doug! She happens to live in Colorado, so I thought it was just a brand from out there. Then we were at Barnes and Noble and saw an ENTIRE wall of them!

    I do have to say we are honored you commented on our engagement pictures! What a small world!

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