veterans and presidents

Happy Veterans Day to all the men and women who currently serve or have served. Thank you for your service.

I write this post today (in the midst of a busy post week!) for two reasons. First, to honor some of my family members who have served (and one who currently does). And second, to tell of an exciting opportunity I had to see Former President George W. Bush speak last night. I'll start with my family…

Besides serving in the Air Force, it would be my grandparents 66th anniversary today. You can read more about them in this post from last year. Here's a few more photos of my Grandma Mark:

This is my Great Uncle Dick:

And my Great Uncle Phil:

My Uncle Mark:

And Uncle Steve:

And currently serving, my cousin Steve:

And in an Honor Roll form (like some of my family members listed in this photo), I'll lay out some names below…

My father, Greg (I need a photo of this!)
Uncle John
Uncle Jeff
Great Uncle Clem
Great Uncle Leonard
Great Uncle Bernard

Air Force
Uncle Steve
Uncle Mark
Grandpa Mark
Great Uncle Dick
Great Uncle Bob
Great Uncle Phil
Cousin Becky

Grandpa Larry
Cousin Steve
Cousin Mike

I'd feel horrible if I've forgotten anyone (and that I'm not sure of everyone's branch) so please let me know and I'll update my list!

Former President George W. Bush

My wife and I attended a charity event last night where the guest speaker was Former President George W. Bush. Now, not wanting to bring politics into this (because you might not know if I'm a fan or not!) I just wanted to say that I learned a few things I didn't know or appreciated:

First, Mr. Bush is extremely funny. Sure he had a few jokes I'm sure he's told a few times on this book circuit, but there were some off-the-cuff jokes that were just funny and had great comical timing (and having been in theater for many years, I know timing like that is natural). I did not expect this at all!

Second, going from being president to not being president has to be one of the strangest job changes anyone could go through. I guess I never thought about that before.

Third, and I appreciated this about what he said: the office of the president is more important than any person who will ever fill it.

With that said, here's a few photos I was able to take from my seat (yeah, somehow we got placed just a table away from the podium!)

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  1. Clem, Leonard and Bernie were all in the Army. Rudy did not serve in the military.
    Steve and I really enjoyed your tribute! Your pictures of President Bush are great! We had the opportunity to see President Bush several years ago and also enjoyed his sense of humor.
    Hope you and Jess are doing well. I enjoy keeping up with all of the family on Facebook even though I am not an active participant!
    Love y’all!!

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