the question that changed my life

11 years ago today I stood on a little grassy mound in Nelson Dewey State Park, overlooking the Mississippi River. Next to me, a beautiful woman I cared for very deeply was unaware of what was about to happen.

I asked a question that had the potential to change our lives forever and she said “yes!” – tears rolling down our cheeks.

Happy 11th Anniversary my dearest Jessica. Thank you for saying yes and loving me so completely and so wonderfully all of these years!

Marriage is work. It's the most rewarding sort of work. It takes a lot of time, many apologies and offers of forgiveness, heaps of humility, and can grow you in untold ways. We basically ask each other each day, ‘will you love me+care for me while I walk this planet' – and each day we have to choose to say yes. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We visited our engagement spot twice since 2002. Once in 2003 – way before my photography skills had developed… (*drums+cymbal crash*) In fact, at the time it was Jessica who owned the SLR and I just had a little Sony point and shoot. Make sure to check out the amazing tilt action going on below – that's some high quality art I was creating right there!

The other was in 2010 and I took a panoramic shot of the Mississippi River from our little engagement mound that you'll see below my early masterpieces.

The last of the photos then are of the gift I gave Jessica this morning. A shout out to Little Okins ( for a really fun little surprise (for many different occasions!) Anyone looking to ask a question (engagements, asking someone to be in your bridal party, etc.) might enjoy these.

Our Engagement at Nelson Dewey State Park on the Mississippi
Little Okins Anniversary Gift

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