65th anniversary

Today would have been my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary. Grandpa Mark died a few years before I was born. Grandma Betty died 3 years ago today, joining Mark in death on the 62nd anniversary. Grandma Betty was one of those people that was instrumental in helping me become the person I am today. Of course, I didn't know that or appreciate her for it as a kid! I thank God for her now though. I wanted to share with you two photographs of them and what they mean to me as a wedding photographer.

I adore this first photo for so many reasons; the wind blowing grandma's dress and the clothesline, the way grandpa is holding her and the way they are gazing at each other. It inspires me. I want to create images that capture that look of love between two people. All of these years later, you don't have to guess how much they cared for one another – you can see it, in that moment, frozen in time. My job is one of recording moments between people, and I am honored to be present at those times.

I take my job as a wedding photographer seriously because of this second photo. It's 65 years later and we find ourselves looking at this piece of their wedding day. I don't know where my clients will be in 65 years; perhaps they'll be celebrating together, perhaps they'll be separated, perhaps their surviving grandchildren we be looking at their wedding photos and remembering how much they loved their grandparents, I can't know. But I can do my best that day to create memories that will exist for years to come.

Happy Anniversary Grandpa Mark and Grandma Betty!

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  1. This is really touching, Andy. What lovely photos to have of your family, but what great inspiration as well. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ditto what Jamie said. My grandparents too have been/were a vital part of my life. I have their wedding photo sitting in my living room. I love that you honored them this way.

  3. Andy, I am a fellow photographer in Milwaukee and I love your work : ) This post was awesome. My beloved Grams Betty passed away last year and she is the reason I am the person I am today. Aren’t grandma’s wonderful? What a great tribute to yours!

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